Thursday, July 07, 2005

AVOID!!! vb.doc addin for VS.NET

I've been trying to find decent tools for generating XML comment files from VB.NET code. VB-Commenter only works sporadically in the IDE, and can't be used from command line tasks like NAnt. (The owner's suggestion? Call devenv.exe instead of NAnt's solution task. Not gonna happen.) I also tried VB.DOC and it's nicely killed my VS.NET installation. The Visual Studio Add In appears to eat Ctrl-V and Shift-Ins for Edit -> Paste shortcuts. No remapping works, the keypresses just get eaten. I got bored of hitting Alt-E -> P (I'm a lazy SOB), so I decided to try deinstalling the plugin. (James was some help in pointing out Dave had the same trouble caused by an add-in James couldn't remember.) One small problem: Uninstalling kills VS.NET. Uninstall the piece of crap add-in and you're unable to load any VB.NET projects because "the Visual Basic .NET compiler can't be created." I've tried several different methods for uninstalling the add-in, all to no avail. I've submitted a bug report at the project's SourceForge site. Hopefully I'll get a bit of help. In the meantime, I'm forced to reinstall the cursed software because I don't want to waste an entire afternoon reinstalling VS.NET.

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