Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Moving Woes

Pal Ben Carey's had a horrible experience moving. It sounds like both Allied Van Lines and their agent Berger Allied have been the usual near-criminal scumbags that too many movers are. We've moved six times in the last 11 years, all due to military relocations. Moving sucks. Most movers suck. Badly. There are also plenty of criminal thugs masquerading as movers -- they'll hold your household goods hostage until you cough up another $30K - $50K to cover "additional expenses." Moving's is a crappy experience even if everything goes well. It can easily turn into your worst nightmare. Make sure you do a lot of preparation before the movers show up. Understand what you need to do to protect yourself. Clark Howard's website has plenty of resources if you search on "moving". He's also got resources if you get screwed as badly as Ben did.

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