Monday, July 11, 2005

Garden Blogging: Lavender Wave

We love lavender! We had a wonderful bush in our garden when we lived in Germany during the last century. (Heh. Doesn't THAT make me sound like an old fart!) We've been looking for something similar since we moved to Ohio and finally found some great bushes from Goodwin Creek. This wave of beautiful lavender is the result of three bushes planted two years ago. It's on the southern exposure and the ground's covered with weed cloth and a layer of pea gravel. The lavender just sucks up the heat radiating off the gravel and brick wall. What's really cool is that the lavender attracts huge numbers of bumblebees. There are between, no kidding, 45 - 60 bees swarming on the bushes at any time during the day. The bushes are right out our French door, so we're able to watch the swarm working its way through the lavender during the day. My five year old daughter and one year old son love to sit (safely!) inside and watch the little critters go at it. We've got several other bushes planted along the same wall, but none is as spectacular as these three.

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