Thursday, July 21, 2005

WinMerge & CVS Integration

Scott Hanselman's list of great tools points out WinMerge as a killer diff/patch tool. It is indeed, especially if you're using TortoiseCVS to interface with CVS somewhere, say, on a SourceForge project. WinMerge automatically updates TortoiseCVS's preferences to integrate itself as TortoisCVS's Diff viewer. This means you can simply right-click on a local file you've edited and select "CVS Diff". You'll be prompted for your password (unless you're using something like Pageant. See Haacked's great Quickstart Guide.), then WinDiff will pop open with a screen clearly showing the deltas between your edits and the last version in the repository. Lots of nifty diff tools stuck in WinMerge, but you can check them out yourself! I've been a years-long user of GVim as a quick editor and visual diff tool, but WinMerge's integration with TortoiseCVS have just knocked GVim from it's throne. (Although I still use GVim for all sorts of regex-based searchs and pattern replacements.)

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