Sunday, April 17, 2005

Star Wars: Revelations

Via Slashdot, a blurb about a team of volunteers grouping together to produce a 40 minute long Star Wars movie. I tried getting to the org's website, but it looks like it's getting slammed, as is the only US mirror from the list of mirror sites. I'm going to be all over this if I can get the thing pulled down! UPDATE: This is an amazing piece of work! As the Slashdot article said, it's a very professional-looking production. The special effects are killer and the plot seems to be pretty solid. The acting's not particularly great, but then I thought much of the acting in episodes I & II stunk. Not that I cared much because the films were fun and entertaining, but that's another line. In any case, it's a great film so far and I'm really digging it. The only gripe I have is that fast forward and reverse seem to be disabled, which really sucks because my download looks like it got corrupted and died after about 18 minutes of play time -- which means I have to sit through the entire session again. That's not entirely bad, but I really do have other things to do today too!

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