Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dayton .NET Developers Group Update

I've gotten several key things knocked off for the just-starting-to-form Dayton .NET Developers Group. If you're a software or technology person in the Dayton area who is interested in things .NET, please check out the group's website. Things accomplished in the last day or three:
  1. Established the DevGroup's website!
  2. Got a tentative committment for a facility to hold meetings at. More when I get a firm answer.
  3. Had a friend get me in contact with the Greater Dayton IT Alliance, a local group of IT folks. Terrific networking resource!
  4. Signed up the second member for the group! (I was first. Heh.)
I've got plenty to do in the next few weeks, including lining up sponsors, trying to convince a few speakers to present for us, and shaking the trees for new members. Please drop me a note if you're a tech person in the Dayton area and are interested!

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