Monday, April 11, 2005

Congrats to Josh Holmes

Josh Holmes has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Player. Josh co-taught a class I took at last year's SD West and was willing to spend a chunk of time shooting the breeze on a vast number of topics with me. He was one of several folks at SD West responsible for me getting excited about knocking my career onto a more exciting path. What's amusing to folks who know Josh's work (and I only pretend to know him slightly!) is that he's been recognized as a C# MVP -- his real forté is VB.NET! (That doesn't mean MS goofed with their recognition, it means he's even better in another area!) Hearty congrats, Josh! (Not only is Josh a sharp, cool dude, he's also a smart coffee fan -- it looks like he homeroasts from Sweet Maria's as well!

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