Monday, April 25, 2005

Columbus .NET Developers Group Meeting This Thursday

The Columbus .NET Developers Group meets this Thursday (4/28) at 6pm. It looks like a terrific session! Follow the meeting by attending the Columbus Nerd Dinner at Hogy's. From their e-mail newsletter: Caching in ASP.NET 1.x and 2.0 Speakers: Steven A. Smith, We are proud to have INETA Speaker Steven Smith speak at our upcoming user group meeting. Please join us for a great discussion and pizza! ASP.NET includes great support for caching, which can provide great performance boosts to most web-based data-driven applications. In this session, I will cover various caching techniques supported by ASP.NET 1.x as well as tips for how best to incorporate caching into your application design. In addition, ASP.NET 2.0 provides several new caching features which can dramatically improve the performance of your web applications. One of the most exciting features is Sql Cache Invalidation, which allows ASP.NET cached data to be automatically updated whenever data in the database is updated (either at the table leve for Sql Server 7/2000, or at the row level with Sql Server 2005). Steven A. Smith is president of and He is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and a Microsoft ASPInsiders Board Member. He has written two books and numerous articles, and is a regular speaker at ASP.NET Connections, held twice a year. Steve has an MBA and a BS in Computer Science Engineering. He is also an Army Reserve Engineer officer, and spent most of 2004 in Iraq. He specializes in performance and scalability, and is especially interested in how caching techniques can improve application performance. Steve lives in Ohio with his wife and business partner Michelle and their daughter Ilyana. Columbus Nerd Dinner -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Didn't get enough pizza to eat? Want some drinks to top it off? After the regular meeting, join us at Hoggy's for the Columbus Nerd Dinner. What's a Nerd Dinner? It's a fun, informal gathering of people passionate about technology ( The Columbus Nerd Dinner was started by Dave Donaldson. You can read about the first dinner at

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