Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Lapse in Studies

This last week has been light on posts having anything to do with my MCSD and career-broadening studies. My folks have been in town visiting their grandchildren, so I've been focused on, well, goofing off with my kids and my parents instead of hitting the books hard. I've also been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we've had here to knock off a load of gardening tasks. My Dad helped me dig up and move several bushes around, including a 300 pound burning bush somewhat like this one. It amazes me that my father at age 79 is stronger than I ever have been or ever will be. I may be over 40, but to me my father's still a giant who walks the land in seven league boots and moves mountains. Yeesh. I've also been working hard on getting things together for pushing off with the Dayton .NET Developers Group I'm hoping to launch here in the next few months. I'll post up more information and links to the group's website shortly. I'll start hitting the books hard again tomorrow afternoon. Honest. (What's the forecast tomorrow???)

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