Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why CodeMash Rocks (and is Fun)

I’m working through editing some of the sessions we’ve accepted for CodeMash and am thouroughly enjoying the task, simply because the speakers we have firmly grasp how to write cool abstracts and bios.

From Catherine Devlin, about her talk on Python: “This session is suitable for anyone who'd like to get started with Python, or who just likes seeing planets blow up.”

From Bruce Eckel, on his talk about Python: “’Why is Python so great?’ As any Python programmer will tell you, the easy answer is ‘because it doesn't hurt.’”

From another speaker’s bio: “In his off-hours he enjoys watching bodybuilding and Broadway musicals, but not at the same time.”

From Dustin Campbell’s talk on F#, the very cool functional programming language: “Note: no object-oriented programmers will be harmed during the session.”

From Neal Ford’s talk on “Engineering” & Polyglot Programming: “This presentation also engages in a real conversation about ‘software engineering’ and what that really means. And, it tells how we can get other engineers to stop making fun of us.”

Like those?  Go register and then you’ll be able to hear it directly from those great folks.

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