Tuesday, November 06, 2007

At SharePoint Connections

So far it’s a great conference.  My pre-conference workshop on installing and deploying MOSS was taught by Ben Curry of Mindsharp was terrific.  I already knew a lot of the fundamentals; what was golden was “Ben’s Best Practices” on things like load balancing, search intricacies, and any number of “gotchas” in MOSS.

I also got to finally meet real people at Telerik and JetBrains and thank them for their support of the .NET community.  I also met up with a couple old friends like Joe Brinkman, Dustin Campbell, and a few others.  (Sorry if I left you off the list!)

Now it’s off to sit in on more content.  I’m also looking forward to trying to finally meet Phil Haack, except I think he’s avoiding me.  Go figure.  I thought we were past that whole restraining order thing.

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