Sunday, November 18, 2007

CodeMash Keynoter: Scott Hanselman

We have scored SOOOOO big time this year!  Scott Hanselman will be coming to CodeMash for a keynote!

Not to imply that ScottGu, Neal Ford, and Bruce Eckel weren’t big folks for last year’s keynotes, I’m just excited because Scott’s “never found a geek tool I didn’t want to check out” and “Open Source software is cool and fills solid business needs” philosophy is right along my line of thinking.

Scott’s keynote, and the other two great names we’re working on, will flesh out what is an amazing lineup of breakout sessions for v2008.  I got a little crazy pushing our content/speakers staff this year and we ended up with six or seven concurrent sessions going for a total of 42 breakouts.  (Of course, I’m the guy who, with his co-author, completely lost control when writing a book and covered 176 tools in a book that weighs in at over 1200 pages…)

What?  You still haven’t registered for CodeMash?  Get thee to the registry and fill it out!

CodeMash v2.0.0.8.  It’s da bomb.

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