Thursday, October 20, 2005

More on NHibernate and Nullables

NHibernate has their v1.0 release out.  Incorporating that with James’s Nullables2 (for support of native .NET 2.0 C# Nullable types) is a snap.  Download the 1.0 release files, drop the DLLs from the project’s bin directory into NHibernate.Nullables2\NHibernate Files\ and rebuild the Nullables2 solution.  Move the NHibernate.Nullables2.dll and the regular NHibernate DLLs wherever you need them in your projects.

By the way, to get green lights in NUnit, you’ll need to reference Nullables2 in both the project where you’re doing your data access and the project holding your unit tests.  Otherwise you’ll end up with NHibernate.MappingException errors stating that “could not interpret type” with the specific NullableType called out.

Now Playing: Off Kilter — Celtic Armadillo.  Five guys in combat boots and kilts mix bagpipes, drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.  We saw these guys at Disney World’s Epcot center where they put on a terrific show.  They do plenty of traditional Irish music, but they’ve got some contemporary things too.  Alive is an absolutely killer track.  The only downer on this CD is that it seems like a pretty amaturish production — there are a couple tracks which run over each other.  That really pisses me off because I had to shell out $20 for the disk.  Bah!

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