Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dayton - Cincinnati Code Camp!

James Avery and I are planning a Code Camp for Saturday, January 21st, 2006.  We’re still working on a venue, but it will be in the Union Centre area of West Chester, Ohio.  We’re still working out details, but we’re looking at a one day Camp running from 9am to 6pm, maybe a bit later.  Sessions will be 60 minutes long and will be code-centric.  We’re not looking for marketing folks to come in and show us a bunch of Powerpoint slides.

Here’s the cool thing: YOU get to decide what’s on the agenda.  We’ll get submissions from various presenters, consolidate the list, and pass it on to folks who might attend.  Attendees will vote on the sessions they’d like to see and we’ll assemble a final agenda from the winners.

We’re looking for presentations on a wide range of topics, even outside the .NET arena.  Topics folks from Dayton have expressed interest in include:

  • XP/Agile development
  • Enterprise Architect / Data Modelling and UML
  • Security in .NET
  • C#/VB.NET Essentials
  • Multi-Tier Architecture
  • Web services fundamentals / in-depth
  • Win forms vs ASP.NET
  • Sharepoint/biz talk
  • Enterprise library
  • Compact Framework/mobile
  • .NET & Active directory
  • Using SQL DBs
  • Source control
  • Productive use of VS and other tools
  • XML

Other areas which would be of interest:

  • Development in Ruby
  • Mono
  • Toss something in and we’ll consider it!

Be sure to check James’s blog for topics the Cincy folks are interested in.

Interested in attending?  Monitor my blog or James’s for more details.

Interested in submitting some presentations?  E-mail me at jim-A.T-IterativeRose-D.O.T-com-REMOVEME with the following information:

  • Topic Name
  • Description (Abstract)
  • Target Audience

Presenters may submit a maximum of five sessions and will be limited to a maximum of two actual presentations.  Yes, yes, I said the attendees get to select what topics they want, but we’re shooting for a nice diverse agenda.

Be sure to monitor our blogs for more details.  James and I are both pretty excited about putting this together!

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