Thursday, July 07, 2005

More on NUnit Config Files

I blogged a couple days back about the mystery of NUnit config files, and how they differ if you're using the command-line test or the GUI project. I finally stumbled across more documentation on the NUnit site: Under the "Documentation" menu, check out the Supplemental PDF file. [NOTE: that link's not working too well at the moment.] Also, NAnt lets you point an nunit2 task to an NUnit GUI's project config file. This saves a lot of mess trying to fool with linking or copying config files around to their appropriate location during a NAnt build, plus you can use the same project file for both GUI and NAnt runs. I believe there are some differences in how the two sorts of config files, but I haven't had problems so far. Here's how my task looks: <nunit2>    <formatter type="Xml" usefile="true" extension=".xml" outputdir="${core.reports}\" />    <test appconfig="${core.source}\MyAppNunit.config" >       <assemblies basedir="${core.output}\">          <include name="*Tests.dll"/>       </assemblies>    </test> </nunit2>

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