Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Unicode and Odd Characters

Note to self: The next time Visual Studio asks you about saving an HTML page as something other than Unicode, and you spend far too long digging through a long couple paragraphs of text while trying to figure out what character is blowing up your HTML and CSS -- check those d@mned apostrophes! I lost a silly chunk of time last night trying to figure out what character was munging up an HTML page I was working on. VS complained every time I tried to save it, and the page blew up all my beautiful CSS styling. (That's sarcastic -- I am NOT a graphic designer!).

Neither Notepad2 nor Vim gave me any indication of what was screwed up, so I ended up copying and pasting in half the text at a time, narrowing things down until I found the offending character.  It turned out to be one of those goofy backwards apostrophes.  Grrrr.

Next time I’ll keep a closer eye out for that.

Now Playing:  Bauhaus — The Sky’s Gone Out.  Serious mope punk/alt.  I don’t care for it much at all, but not because of its genre.  I just don’t like it.  Worse than listening to Al Franken or Ann Coulter.  Might be worse even than lima beans, one of the few vegetables I refuse to eat.  I’ll be happy to shut it off when I head out the door in a few minutes. 

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