Thursday, November 10, 2005

Agile Tools / Pair Programming

Same Gentile has a great post listing the tools he’s using on an Agile project.   I thought the label of his SCM tool was pretty amusing.  It’s also interesting to see that he’s using FIT for acceptance tests.  I read about FIT some time ago, loved the idea and never ran with it.  I took another look at it last night (even before reading Sam’s post!) and am looking to delve into it over the next few days.

He’s also got a terrific post on Pair Programming, and why he likes it so much.  I haven’t ever worked in a Pair Programming envrionment, but I’d love to.  I can certainly see Sam’s points about how exhausting it is, and why it can push the comfort zone of developers — and why that’s such an important aspect of pairing.

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