Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Microsoft's Whacked Out TDD Approach

I've blogged before (more than once) on how Microsoft really does listen to their customers.  They’ve got a prime opportunity right now to do the same thing and clean up the mess they made with their so-called Test Driven Development guidelines.  (If you’re not familiar with TDD please do not read that thing first.  Go elsewhere to learn about TDD.)

Folks far better than I have written some great posts about Microsoft’s error.  Check out Ben Carey’s postRoy Osherove’s musings, Scott Bellware’s comments, thoughts from Mike Gunderloy, and Sam Gentile’s very well written response.

Do the right thing, Microsoft: pull those guidelines off now, then go and learn what TDD’s really about.  (Or listen to the few Agile bloggers you have in your own company.)

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