Monday, November 14, 2005

Managing DSNs on Windows XP

I seem to have a complete mental block on being able to remember that you can manage database DSNs via the Administrative Tools snap in from the Control Panel.  It always takes me a bit of stumbling around in Google before I find it again.  Maybe I’ll remember now that I’ve blogged about it.


Now Playing: The La’s — The La’s.  Funky stuff and I like it.


Anonymous said...

Saw your Amazon comment on the book about "Just Say No to Microsoft" because I plan to buy the book. Your comments were interesting and I thought maybe this site of the same name but no relation, would provied more unbiased info you were looking for:

If you want to read a really hysterical book, try "Macintosh, the Naked Truth" by Scott Kelby. He's an excellent humor writer. It's a bit dated, came out during early OSX, and a bit biased--but in a funny non-angry way. He pokes fun at some of Apple's issues as well.

Jim Holmes said...

Interesting links. Thanks!

I'll look up that Kelby book at our library and add it to my reading list. Humourous bias is fine with me since it's usually quite apparent what's going on.

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