Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rhapsody Rulz (Again)

Now Playing: Molly Hatchet — Molly Hatchet.  I am more and more impressed with Rhapsody.  I spent a lot of time listening to Molly Hatchet and Flirtin’ With Disaster when I was in school.  It’s killer to find this great stuff online via my Rhapsody subscription.  Great music made even better by my 15 month old son dancing around to it.  Dreams I’ll Never See is one of the best songs ever, right next to The Outlaws’ Green Grass and High Tides.


Amanda said...

Of course Rhapsody rules. Start blogging playlists, it's addicting.

Jim Holmes said...

Blogging playlists? Holy smokes, like I've got time for another addiction?

Maybe after the kids are off to St. Brutus's for the Criminally Insane!

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