Thursday, November 10, 2005

Several Great Finds

Several cool finds as I’m catching up with blogs I missed during my road trip to the Detroit Launch and my day off yesterday.

Eric Gunnerson points out that Visual Studio Express versions will be FREE for the next year.

Michelle Leroux Bustamante has great coverage of Click Once Deployement security issues.

Lutz Roeder has a new Reflector version out. (via Jason Haley)

Bill Wagner has a great two-part series on mutable/read-only properties.  This stuff’s a bit hard to understand, but it’s an important concept.  He has question and answer parts.

Now playing: Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Unomathemba  I don’t listen to LBM enough.  Great music for many reasons.  It’s relaxing when I’m trying to wind down for studying, it’s got incredible harmonies, and it’s fun to listen to.  I dig great harmony for many reasons, partially because it reminds me of my sisters singing as they do dishes after family gatherings.  I’m in there helping too, so stop the snide remarks.  I also dig harmony because I have a voice that sounds like wild goose farts on a muggy morning.  (Stolen from some forgotten old folk artist’s album cover.)

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