Sunday, September 25, 2005

Top 50 Sci-Fi Shows

The Boston Globe has posted a list of their top 50 science fiction TV shows. The list's somewhat psychotic, though. The Avengers, Batman, and Tales from the Crypt are listed. Tales from the Crypt and Batman fer cryin' out loud? Yeesh. They also left out the terrific UFO, a campy, terrific show from 1970. I think they've hit a lot of things spot on, so it makes a fun read despite the stupid crap they've got in a few spots.


halden said...

1. Buffy is far too low, for god’s sake it’s behind Stargate Atlantis and the Jetsons!
2. Dr. Who, even though it’s fairly high for an american list, should have been top 3 if not number one.
3. The New Battle Star Galactica as number 2? I have not seen it but really number 2?

Jim Holmes said...

I'm surprised the Jetsons was even on the list -- a good indication of how lame parts of that list are.

I've only seen one or two episodes of Buffy, so I can't really comment on it. But is it really sci-fi?

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