Thursday, September 15, 2005

Development Philosophy and Long-Winded Software Pundits

Roy Osherove has a very interesting post on his frustration with folks who want to spend too much time blathering away about minutia instead of just rolling up their sleeves and getting coding. (That's my paraphrasing, not his exact words, BTW.) I'd have to put myself dangerously close to the group of folks who like to spend more time blabbing about something than actually getting it done -- but that's because I'd been stuck in lousy job positions for nearly five years where the majority of my tasking was, well, to spend loads of time blabbing about crap with customers and management. That's fixed now with my move to an independent consulting role. Now I get to do actual coding, or at least I will once I get steady work. :) Having just proven my point about blabbering, go read Osherove's post.

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