Friday, September 23, 2005

Great Patterns WebCast

Talk about a timely find: Our Developers Group’s last meeting had Martin Shoemaker talking about Architecture Patterns in C#.  Today I finally got around to looking at this month’s webcasts on the MSDN DVD.  Whoopee!  I found that Craig Utley has a terrific webcast on Pattern Based Development using the .NET Framework.

It’s a 90 minute webcast and he gets into some great detail.  I’m only at the 40 minute point, but he’s gotten into great detail on Singleton patterns, even dealing with multi-threading issues.

You can find a copy of the webcast here.  It’s worth the download!

One note: the first 20 minutes are fairly introductory to patterns, so skip past that if you’re familiar with the background of patterns, the Gang of Four, and how Microsoft is working hard at pushing patterns and practices.

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