Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Newegg Rocks!

Yesterday I was whining about my crappy Linksys router dying.  I spent an hour or so trying to get sessions surviving long enough to get a new firewall router ordered through Newegg.  (They don’t take orders over the phone, only via their site.)

Thankfully I was finally able to get an order placed at about 5:30 Eastern.  Newegg’s got a “rush” option on their orders which will hopefully get your order out the door that day — as long as you get the order placed by noon Pacific.  I checked the rush option just in case; it was worth the $3 for a gamble.

Surprise, surprise, the new router and an external disk for backup showed up here today.  That’s just incredible work on Newegg’s part.

I’m finishing up preparation work for our .NET Developers Group meeting tonight, so I can’t play with my new toys.  Maybe after I get back home.

Again, I’m awfully impressed with Newegg’s terrific delivery times.  Way cool!

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