Saturday, September 10, 2005

Great Potential Addin for VS.NET!

Here’s something I’ve been dreaming of:  viAddin at GotDotNet.  “Native vi emulation in Visual Studio .NET,” says the description.  Wow, boy have I missed those vi command strokes!

Oh, wait.  There’s been zero file checkins and zero releases.  Rat farts.  Guess I’ll have to wait.

Maybe the folks at Vim will get their great editor wickered up so I can use it inside VS.NET!

(Seriously, folks, I love Vim [not vi] and have done quite a bit of development with it.  There’s no better lightweight POTE [Plain Ol’ Text Editor] around, especially if you’re looking to do quick regular expression hacks of a file.  Yes, I know, I’m a sick person.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, you may want to have a look at ViEmu, a (commercial) add-in for VS.NET that provides vi/vim emulation. No regexps yet but that's coming soon :)

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