Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Housecleaning: Blogroll Update

For those of you still awake and reading my blog out there, I’ve updated my Blogroll off in the right margin.  No deletions, a few additions.  I still read Ben, James, Christian, Clemens, and the other folks I had previously.  I’ve added Hanselman, Sara Ford, James’ Visual Studio Hacks, and a couple other geek sites.  (What, you wanted hyperlinks in this post?  Go click on the sidebar you sluggards!)

For society stuff, check out John Scalzi’s Whatever.  Great stuff from a helluva author, although I’m disagreeing with him rather strongly on his post-Katrina content.

I still don’t waste time with Sullivan, Alterman, or Right-Thinking From the Left Coast.  So there.

UPDATE: Looks like some spambot found this post for comment spam. Dipshits. I'm shutting off comments for this post. Hopefully the SOBs will forget about me for other posts. Bastards.

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