Saturday, June 11, 2005

Garden Blogging: More Roses

Yes, you have to suffer through lots of pictures of my roses. I've worked hard with them. The least you can do is suffer through a few pictures of them. Be thankful my wife's forbidden me from posting pictures of my kids on my blog. This shot is of my New Dawn climbing rose at my front door. I planted it three years ago and it's really exploded. There's a neat quip about climbing roses: the first year they sleep, the second they creep, the third they eat your house. This one's certainly doing that. In addition to all the growth in this photo, the rose wraps around a corner to the right and spreads over the front of the house as well. Be sure to check out the next post/photo for an interesting detail of the rose bush.

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Anonymous said...

I love these pics... send more! Jennifer loudcarrot

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