Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Documenting Code with VS Macros

There's an interesting-looking article on MSDN about using Visual Studio macros to document source code. It appears this is only applicable to VS2005, but the macros support VB.NET too. It will be interesting to check this out and see how it compares to Roland Weigelt's killer tool GhostDoc. GhostDoc (C# only) generates all the comments for fields, methods, etc., plus fills in the comments by deducing text from the names and types of the target. You get near-perfect complete comments -- as long as you've done a good job with your naming. (Go read McConnell if you aren't doing a good job naming!) There are also a couple widgets which will allow you to get XML document files produced from VB.NET code in VS2003. Check out VBCommenter and VB.DOC. I'll be exploring both these, and how well they wrap into NAnt, as part of my upcoming project.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to give me feedback about the VBCommentor. :-)

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