Monday, June 06, 2005

D-Day Anniversary

I'd completely forgotten today's the anniversary of D-Day until I stopped by Power Line's blog. Power Line links to a great column by professer David Gelernter: "Too Much, Too Late." Gelernter's column is about the rampant hypocrisy by many in the "cultural establishment" (whatever that is), but what I found good reading was his recital of four important, long-forgotten issues of the war: The major battles, the bestiality of the Japanese, the attitudes of the American intellectuals, and the veterans' neglected voices. Of these, I think the last point may be the most important. World War II produced a huge amount of material written by soldiers on the front lines. It was the first war where there were enough literate folks in the trenches to be able to effectively document the horrors they lived through. I think we as a nation have lost track of those voices and those stories. That's a shame, because I think we ought to have a better understanding of the terrible sacrifices made to put down fascism and keep our world safe.

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