Sunday, June 26, 2005

Code Metrics Tools

Dave Donaldson posted on NDepend, a good-looking metrics tool. I'm excited about checking it out; hopefully it supports VB.NET as that's what my upcoming project will be in. A couple other good metrics-related tools which I've found handy: NCover's got a spate of widgets to go along with it, making it a very handy metrics tool for seeing unit test code coverage. Other good tools:
  • DevMetrics' community edition
  • CRPlugin for DXCore. I haven't fooled with this in some time, so I'm unsure of its status. The Project Page has said they'd have more content up in "the next week or two" for the last several months...
These aren't magic salves. 100% coverage in NCover doesn'tt mean a thing if you have lousy unit tests. Good complexity numbers in DevMetrics are useless if your code is crap in the first place. [Yeah, but at least it's easily maintained crap! --ed.]

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