Monday, March 28, 2005

Recent Music Finds

A couple good music things I've found in the last week:
  • CD 101's stream. Great alternative radio station in Columbus.
  • Radio Paradise's stream. Nice mix of various rock, some alt but nothing seems too far out on the edge.
  • Dainbramage's stream. Mainstreamish mix, good stuff.
  • Radio.Wazee's stream. Best stream listed for my tastes. Responsible for the next two finds.
  • Speaking Confidently from the Cowboy Junkies' Lay It Down. I've always been struck and haunted by Margo Timmins's voice, plus the rest of the music's good as well. I've got their Black Eyed Man album and may have to chase down this one as well.
  • Nil Lara's self-titled debut album. Great rock with Cuban and Venezuelan influences. The bio on his website makes for an interesting read. Amazing how anyone who studied microwave analysis can create such emotional, passionate music.

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