Monday, March 21, 2005

New Speakers!

Today I picked up some Logitech X-230 speakers for my computer. They only cost $55 at Best Buy and I'm really pleased with their sound. They're loud enough that I'm able to listen to music in the kitchen while streaming audio or my iTunes is playing on the PC in the next room. Nice thumping base from the subwoofer, very balanced sound from the speakers, especially after tinkering around with iTunes's equalizer. Good stuff! I'm listening to some Baba O'Riley right now and diggin' it a whole lot. My eight month-old son seems to like it as well, although he's just as interested in chewing on the tires of his toy trucks, so that may not be a great indicator. What's surprising is that I didn't do my usual anal-retentive extensive research and painful pondering before spending my hard-earned discretionary funds. I've known I wanted some decent speakers for the computer in my work area, and I'd looked a bit at Logitech's setup before, but I didn't troll or before dropping my money today. Boy, next thing you know I'll be doing something crazy like buying King Arthur flour when it's not on sale. Wait, I do that all the time.

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