Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Do Too Read Liberal Blogs

I tend to think of Dennis Miller's line as a good description of my thoughts: "I don't care if two guys want to get married. I have a problem if some terrorist wants to blow them up." During the election I had a homemade bumper sticker which read "Bush/Cheney -- the other guys stink even worse!" I'm somewhat more complex then that, but you may get the drift. The political blogs I've listed on the side bar are mostly right-leaning blogs (if you think Instapundit is a hard right-winger then you haven't been paying attention to him), but I do like reasonable, non-shrill left blogs as well. (Reasonable and non-shrill are why I have a blogroll category of "Blogs I Used to Read But Now Think Are A Waste Of Time".) Jeff Jarvis's BuzzMachine is a reasonable, non-shrill liberal. He's got a way with words which I really like. Here's a snippet about Paul Wolfowitz, the man the left loves to hate "If you don't like the way Wolfowitz is trying to spread freedom in the world, then try to find new ways. But standing back and not trying is not acceptable. Freedom is the best cause of all." Here's a Jarvis blurb on how the press should be more open with how they produce the news: "Show people how the sausage is made." Makes my stomach twist to think about that, but it's a great line all the same. Take a moment to stop by Jarvis's site if you're interested in thought-provoking commentary along some lines you might not be used to.

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