Sunday, March 06, 2005

More Vacation High Spots

I missed a couple key high spots during this morning's post:
  • A flexible infant. Our almost-eight-month-old son was terrific the entire trip. He'd get fussy during our park excursions, but would settle down and snooze in my arms for 30 or 45 minutes, then wake up happy and ready to go. We're lucky parents, especially considering our daughter's just as flexible and is happy to eat just about anything on the planet. (Although I'm a mite distressed about having to fight her for sushi and olives.)
  • Seeing Off Kilter perform at Epcot's Canada exhibit. Five guys in kilts with a funny act and terrific music. Their website has a few snippets of their killer music. Check out Alive from Celtic Armadillo. My son thought their music made a great lullabye and fell asleep during their act. (Might be one reason I like Alive so much...)

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