Thursday, March 17, 2005

Change Is Good Update

My post "Change Is Good" prompted a friend I'd worked with to send me a good-natured mail pointing out that he was one of the Good Guys and not part of the conspiracy to kill off a great system. Re-reading my post, I realized I left off several important notes regarding my work, specifically in the company I was with from August, 2003 until last Friday: I did indeed work for a couple great customers who wanted to get the right thing done. Unfortunately, they were handicapped by politics far outside their control. Like that's never happened to anyone else before... I was indeed able to briefly work on a couple amazing projects with some downright brilliant folks. One set of folks were designing and implementing some incredible electronics and computer hardware to read data from aircraft avionics buses. It amazes me to be around folks who casually talk about building their own circuit boards to handle network or modem interfacing. Whoof. Another group of folks were implementing binary translation software to host compiled executables on completely different architectures and operating systems. These guys were actually remapping and reordering processor instruction calls to eke out the utmost in performance from the rehosted application. Falling to my knees while crying "I'm not worthy" just doesn't seem sufficient. Unfortunately, my opportunities to work with (and more importantly learn from) folks like this was limited both by my requirement for telecommuting as well business opportunities in the company which just didn't pan out. My post was far from sour grapes; rather it was an affirmation of looking forward to the chance to change direction in my life.

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