Thursday, March 17, 2005

Near-Term Goals

Goals are important things. Without them, life is far too unfocused and too much time gets wasted. Without further ado, here are several of my near-term goals for the next couple months:
  • Re-read Lord Of the Rings.
  • Re-read The Hobbit.
  • Watch the entire Firefly series again. You're really,REALLY missing out on something if you haven't seen this series and you're a science fiction fan. Terrific plots, deep and complex characters, plus it's a lot of fun to watch. Science fiction meets westerns and all in a realistic, entertaining fashion. Too bad the dorks at Fox cancelled the show in its first season.
  • Read Lowy's Programming .NET Components.
  • Work through the problems in Bently's Programming Pearls.
  • Knock off at least one MCSD test by the end of April.
  • Get my rose garden in shape.
  • Take the next step in squirrel-proofing our garden shed. (Or at least limit the damage the little bas#$%@s can do.)
  • Put down Pergo flooring in our computer room.
  • Try and get my eight month-old son to laugh more when I tickle him then when his sister does. I can't believe I'm jealous of my little daughter, but there you have it.

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