Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CodeMash Session Follow Up

For those readers who attended any of my three sessions at CodeMash: Thank you! I appreciate the great audiences I had, especially those who braved the 55 or 60F temps Thursday morning in Cypress for my Ten Tips for UI Automation talk!

Here are resources for my three sessions:

Leadership 101 Workshop
- Slide deck
- The Leadership Journey, my book on growing into being a great leader.

UI Automation Workshop
- Slide deck
- Basic examples on GitHub
- Demo site showing table access, updates to UI for dynamic IDs and flag elements

Ten Tips for Web UI Automation
- Slide deck

Common references for web testing
- Dave Haeffner @TourDeDave on Twitter.
- Dave’s Elemental Selenium site and newsletter
- Richard Bradshaw @FriendlyTester on Twitter

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