Monday, December 29, 2014

My CodeMash Sessions

UPDATE: I had the days wrong. Leadership workshop is Tuesday starting at 8am in Salon H. My Web UI Automation workshop is Wednesday from 8-5 in Guava/Tamarind.
I’m flattered to have been picked up for two workshops and one regular session at CodeMash! It’s going to be great being able to focus on just giving great sessions and not worrying about herding various cats around.
Tuesday I’m giving an all-day workshop on web UI test automation. We’ll dive deep into working with Selenium WebDriver, but the concepts will cover plenty of other toolsets. I’ll likely spend a bit of time showing how a commercial tool like Telerik Test Studio fits in to things.
Wednesday I’ve been asked to do a half-day workshop on leadership. That’s incredibly flattering! I’m basing the content for that off my Leadership 101 series, plus the book I’ve just started The Leadership Journey. This brand-new workshop will be very interactive with a good number of exercises meant to help you really dig deep and figure out how to evolve your own leadership style. I’m pulling this workshop’s content together very quickly, and I’m both excited and terrified.
Thursday I’m in an opening slot at 8am talking again about web UI automation: Ten tricks to help you get the most out of your UI testing. The talk centers on web automation, but it really will help you regardless of what UI tech you’re working with.
Interested? Check the CodeMash schedule for details, or go grab the EventBoard app and get your schedule built up.
Got questions on testing, process, leadership, or something else? Look me up at the conference! I’d love to chat!

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