Wednesday, December 29, 2010 == “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

In case you’re looking for me on Twitter, I’m not.

Twitter turned in to a massive time sink for me (and I didn’t have time to sink in the first place), and I was letting myself vent way too many frustrations there. It was time to take my own advice: “Enough griping, enough bitching already. Roll up your sleeves already and get to work.”

‘Nuff said.


Mike said...

Technically it says:
Hold up!
Sorry, the profile you are trying to view has been suspended.
Man... gonna miss you there... better see more of you here....

Steve Horn said...

bah! Twitter just got less good!

Your tweets will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Although I enjoyed your tweets, I applaud you for realizing that Twitter is a contributing factor to a person's overall brand. Twitter can either help promote your brand, or it can damage it. Too many folks use Twitter as an outlet to b*tch and moan and they seem to be clueless about the personal harm that doing so causes.

I don't think you personally fell into that category, but I applaud you nonetheless for taking ownership over your brand.

Charley Baker said...

You'll be back. :) Most of the people who have quit Twitter come back. It's an interesting dynamic though, particularly since you're also working remote.

It's easy to get frustrated with Twitter if you're only using it to get out your frustrations. As convoluted as that sounds, it's seems like a typical pattern that people fall into.

Postivember, Corey Haines' proposition, was a bit of a change/self assessment for me. Blog posts tend to angle towards the positive or potentially writing up solutions, FB is personal bitching, though that can be changed as well, and Twitter for some reason also has a tendency to dwell in the negative.

I consider this more of a challenge, and your voice is missed on my Twitter feed.

Here's my challenge to you. Sign up again, for every tweet think about how you can be positive and switch things around. You can probably do a bit of bitching on IRC or other means. For every complaint try to turn it into an opportunity.

Anyhow, just some rambling thoughts. As a remote worker, I find that I spend a lot of time with online friends and all of those voices as virtual as they are, mean a lot to me. Here's hoping your voice comes back to Twitter.



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