Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I’m Looking for A Great QA Team Member!

Want to be part of a team that’s deeply involved in fundamental changes to how a company builds its software? Don’t mind hollering “Sancho! My armor!” because with some regularity you defeat those windmills?[1]  Passionate about learning and continually improving how you do work? Care more about enabling the team’s success than ticking boxes on your own resume? Think that lots of collaboration and communication with developers and stakeholders is more important than pages of requirements documents and specifications?

Got your interest yet? If so, open up a conversation with me about joining my QA team at Telligent. We’re going to be opening up a new position in short order, and I’m looking for someone who can help us continue driving some amazing, fundamental transformations[2] at the company.

Check out my post from last year describing the job and a bit about the environment. Most everything there still applies.

While the general skillset and duties in that other post are still applicable, there are a few tweaks to responsibilities and skills for this new position. Our new team member will be responsible for

  • Writing automated acceptance and integration tests
  • Helping drive our Section 508 and WCAG 2 accessibility efforts
  • Assisting ongoing efforts to improve our overall development processes

If you read my blog or follow me on Twitter you know I’m much more interested in what you’ve got in your head and heart than what you’ve got on your resume. That means I’m not overly concerned if you’re not an expert in C#, Selenium, or even .NET. I am concerned that you’re driven to learn new things. I am concerned that you’re passionate about driving cultural change. I am concerned that you think it’s better to talk frequently with folks at the start of the development lifecycle rather than wait until a dev-complete feature lands in your lap near the end of the lifecycle. (Dear fans of Six Sigma, Rational ClearQuest, and Waterfall: you likely will not thrive working with me.)

Interested? Drop me a line! Use the contact link on this blog’s sidebar, or mail me directly: JHolmes AT Telligent DOT com.

[1] Don’t mind working for a boss who (likely far too often) throws out weird references to books, movies, and oddball stories?

[2]“Transformations” is lousy, over-used blabberspeak marketing crap. But you know what? The entire group my team fits in is making amazing changes to how we create our software. In this case it fits.

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