Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

I’ve got a couple speaking engagements coming up over the next two months:

  • 23 Sept: Software Engineering 101 Conference. I’m helping organize it and am giving a short grok on tools for monitoring code complexity.
  • 24 Sept: I’m teaming up with Justin Kohnen to talk at the Dayton .NET Developers Group. We’re covering a few of the shiny toys in .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. It’s also the culmination of our membership drive!
  • 13 Nov: I’m very flattered that I got selected to talk at the Tyson Developer Conference. This is my first speaking gig outside the Heartland district, aside from showing off some cool prototype cockpit systems to a bunch of hung over A-10 pilots in Las Vegas years ago. I’ll be giving three talks there: Leadership 101, Three Tips to Improve Your Process, and Acceptance Testing with Selenium and Cucumber. I’m awfully excited about the opportunity to speak there! (And big props to Phil Japikse who hooked me up.)

Be sure to look me up if you’re at any of those events!

(And if you’re looking for speakers at one of your events, I’d be happy to send you my current list of abstracts, if’n you’re interested.)

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