Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Great Discussion Podcast on Deep Fried Bytes

During devLink a few folks from the region’s community were gabbing about a variety of topics, including burnout, motivation, FUD, and a number of other topics.

Keith Elder pulled out his recording gear and ended up capturing some really interesting commentary from a lot of people. You can listen to the podcast on Keith and Woody’s Deep Fried Bytes site. (They’re also on iTunes, so go subscribe if you haven’t already!)

There’s some tongue in cheek references to this being a group therapy session for Leon, but the discussion’s really so much more than that. A number of the community’s most active members offer up gems of wisdom on a wide range of topics.

It was fun to participate in the discussion, and it was fun to listen to. (Much more so than the DNR show which gave me heartburn enough to write about elsewhere…)

music note Now listening to "Date of Rebirth" by Origa

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Kevin Upchurch said...

I just got done listening to it, and it was pretty awesome. You guys should do that, or something similar at every conference. I really liked that you could tell that a lot of you guys aren't just peers in the same profession, but good friends as well.

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