Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shout Out: XNA and Robotics Studio Event, 19 June in Cincy

Mike Wood and the gang at the Cincinnati .NET User Group are putting on an XNA and Robotics Studio event on 19 June at 6pm.  The event will be presented by Microsoft's Bill Steele

Bill, if you don't know him, is a certifiable nut who does all sorts of crazy things like run MSDN events in the Heartland region, play around with Robotics Studio, write games in XNA, and has invented a system for displaying small aircraft's flight information on the virtual surface created by the spinning propeller blades.

Seriously, Bill's a wicked smart, passionate guy who will definitely entertain and educate you.  Make it a point to stop by on the 19th if you're at all interested!

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