Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Culture, Productivity, Environment

I'm re-reading a few of my favorite older blog posts and reading a few new ones.  A couple great articles are worth passing on links to:

  • Steve McConnell's Measuring Productivity of Individual Programmers.  Avoid stupidity like lines of code, and don't focus on just one measurement.
  • Steve McConnell's How to Scale Up Quickly. Offshoring doesn't work, keeping the quality is terribly difficult, keeping the culture even harder.
  • Joel Spolskey's The 12 Steps to Better Code.  Way back in 2000, just after Al Gore invented and implemented the Internet, Joel wrote a nice post on things some folks were already discussing.  Critical things for you and your team.
  • Scott Hanselman's Sharpen the Saw for Developers. Getting management support for ongoing training at a consulting company can be like pulling teeth.  With a tow cable.  Look to Scott's post for some good ideas he's invented and consolidated from other places.
  • All of Sara Ford's Tip of the Day and Did you know... series.  I read 'em all again just now.  No, really.
  • Josh Holmes's series on good presentations.

There you go.  Just a few of my favorites.

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