Sunday, October 14, 2007

Off to SharePoint Connections (Las Vegas, 4-9 November)

I got back from a week’s vacation and found that I’m off to SharePoint Connections 4–9 November in Las Vegas!  I am completely pumped about going to this conference for a number of reasons.

0) I get to go to a great conference – the first national-level conference I’ve been to since SD West back in 2003.  That was a life-changing experience and I’m hoping this conference will be the same.

1) I hope to network with a bunch of MOSS smarties and find out their experiences with solving the many pain points in MOSS development.  What build tools are folks using?  What automated testing are they using?  What other tools have been helpful? 

2) I’m hoping to get a moment with Carl and Richard of DotNetRocks and pimp CodeMash something fierce.  We’re starting to campaign to have them at CodeMash v2.0.0.8, and I’m looking for any way to hook them in.

3) I’m hoping to hook up with just about anyone in the community who’d like to gab about anything from software engineering to coffee roasting.   Feel free to ping me via the contact link on the right sidebar if you’re going to be there.  I’ll buy everyone one drink — and a crapload of straws for all y’all to share with… <g>

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