Thursday, October 25, 2007

Great Turnout at Dayton .NET DevGroup Last Night

Joe Wirtley gave a nice talk on pragmatic architecture at last night’s Dayton .NET Developers Group meeting.  Joe’s a very smart fellow, passionate about getting software right, and has a lot of experience and hard knocks to share.

We had a world record for attendance at last night’s meeting: 37 souls in the door.  Wooo!

We’re running a membership drive right now and are shooting for 40 at the next meeting on 14 November.  If we hit 40 then Microsoft will donate an XBox to raffle off at the meeting.

Bring a friend to the meeting, or blog about the user group or CodeMash, and you’ll get a chance to win extra swag at the meeting!  Make sure to contact me (link on right sidebar) and let me know the URL of any blog posts you make.

Hitting 37 folks in the door last night was a big deal for me.  Our attendance has been right around 20 - 25 for a couple years and it’s great to see a big jump in attendance. 

Thanks to Joe for presenting, and thanks to everyone who showed up!

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