Monday, September 03, 2007

MOSS & WSS SDKs Updated

This is almost a week old, but critically important if you’re working in the MOSS or WSS space: Go grab the new SDKs for MOSS and WSS.

The SharePoint Team Blog lays out a lot of the updates on their blog.  One of the most critical is the holes they’ve filled in the documentation.  This is an area that’s been brutally, horrifically, pathetically terrible in the initial release.  I’ve ranted about this a number of times already, so I’ll just leave this part off with another small one: the state of the initial documentation was unconscionable.  It’s taken far too long for them to clean it up, but at least they’ve applied more resources and are closing the gap.

Rant off.

Now go get v1.2 of the SDKs!

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