Saturday, September 08, 2007

Extreme Model-View-Presenter

ARCast has a very interesting three-part series on Presenter-First development.  There’s a lot of thought-prevoking discussion on breaking out responsibilities in a MVP pattern approached from the presenter first.  Mocks, interfaces, single responsibility principle, adapters, and an interesting take on what they see as the model. 

The folks at Atomic Object wrote a good white paper on the topic that I’ve been slowly working through. What I found interesting was their approach of having all communication to the presenter based on events spawned from the view or model.  I disagree with the algorithm (steps) they use for approaching the development (they stub out the presenter with interfaces and mocks before they even hit the user stories), but there’s an awful lot of useful info therein.

Listen to episode 1, #2, and the final installment and check out the paper.  Good stuff.

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