Monday, August 28, 2006

The Ubiquitous "Ooooh! It's Windows Live Writer!"

OK, so I'm following lemmings everywhere around the world and giving Live Writer a shot.  Initial impressions? 


For whatever reason Live Writer wasn't able to grab my template from Blogger, so I've just got a nice generic editor instead of working in something WSYWIG-ish like my blog.  The editor seems OK, but I've always been happy with BlogJet -- although keyboard shortcuts never worked in BlogJet and its creator didn't seem to be much put out by that.  You can imagine my vexed state about that since it's well-known that I'm a keyboard kind of guy.

In any case, I'm looking forward to playing around with this a bit to see how it suits me.  Maybe I'll be able to find out why the template thing doesn't work.  I know Blogger is rather finicky about template changes.  Who knows?


Jeff Handley said...

I've been real happy with Windows Live Writer, but then again, I had never used another blog editor other than the blogger site. However, after using Live Writer for a little bit, I started experiencing some problems with my RSS feed from blogger. I can't say the issues are related, because the blogger site was giving me fits (slower than crap) too.

I was a bit annoyed that I couldn't include images in my blog posts through Live Writer, but that was because blogger doesn't support that feature.

After my RSS feed got whacked twice in a week, I moved to It has an Import from Blogger feature that was thoroughly impressive... it picked up everything. It also has categories/tags that work really well, and it supports images in posts from Live Writer.

So far, I'm glad I moved from blogger to Wordpress.

Jim Holmes said...

Good feedback, Jeff!

I'm not really considering moving blog hosts at this point. I've heard great things about Wordpress, but frankly I've got too much on my plate at the moment to seriously considering moving -- regardless of whether Wordpress has an importer. (Which sounds like a wicked cool feature, BTW.)

I'll keep Wordpress in mind, but it's going to be months before I look hard at a move.

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